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The Right Words

On vacation last week, I came across a community billboard at a local gas station. Hidden among the ads for music lessons and used cars was an offer for ‘Designing Destiny’, a workshop taught by horses. But here’s the best part: It was all about ‘in-powerment’. Now look, I’m not heartless. I could forgive ‘impowerment’,… Read more

Keep on Truckin’

Here in Edmonton—as in most cities across the U.S. and Canada—we’re enjoying a food truck revolution. During our (all too short) summer, the What the Truck food extravaganza shows up to offer a host of mouth-watering dishes and extremely long lines. Standing in one such line for over an hour, screaming toddler in hand and… Read more

Application Denied!

I’ve been looking for more freelance work lately. This website is part of that process, of course, a way to increase search rankings and showcase my content to prospective clients. But I’ve also been searching out other job opportunities—the evolving freelance market has quite a few companies looking to hire virtual talent for blogging, social… Read more

Fiction and Freelancers—Three Tips from a Novelist

I consider myself a freelance writer and a novelist. It was always going to be novel writing first and freelance to pay the bills until my breakout work hit bookstores everywhere and then a poorly-cast movie bastardizing my famous book made me rich. Five years later, with three completed novels (one self-published) and a realization… Read more