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Anatomy of a Call: Personality Conflict

As a freelance writer, excellent communication skills are par for the course. Most of us prefer email and text to telephone conversations but many companies want to discuss potential content voice-to-voice, meaning it’s essential to develop effective contract call skills: how do you know what a client really wants? Through experience and the (occasional) mistake,… Read more

The Right Words

On vacation last week, I came across a community billboard at a local gas station. Hidden among the ads for music lessons and used cars was an offer for ‘Designing Destiny’, a workshop taught by horses. But here’s the best part: It was all about ‘in-powerment’. Now look, I’m not heartless. I could forgive ‘impowerment’,… Read more

Application Denied!

I’ve been looking for more freelance work lately. This website is part of that process, of course, a way to increase search rankings and showcase my content to prospective clients. But I’ve also been searching out other job opportunities—the evolving freelance market has quite a few companies looking to hire virtual talent for blogging, social… Read more

Fiction and Freelancers—Three Tips from a Novelist

I consider myself a freelance writer and a novelist. It was always going to be novel writing first and freelance to pay the bills until my breakout work hit bookstores everywhere and then a poorly-cast movie bastardizing my famous book made me rich. Five years later, with three completed novels (one self-published) and a realization… Read more