Application Denied!

I’ve been looking for more freelance work lately. This website is part of that process, of course, a way to increase search rankings and showcase my content to prospective clients. But I’ve also been searching out other job opportunities—the evolving freelance market has quite a few companies looking to hire virtual talent for blogging, social media posts or news content.

I noted my in first blog entry that ‘content farms’ were on the way out but they’re certainly not dead, as I learned while looking for jobs earlier this week. One advertisement had all the hallmarks of a farm, asking me to email them only my name, after which I’d be contacted with any relevant details and or ‘tests’ to determine my ability.

The reply came within a few hours and I was directed to several landing pages, each for a different job. All had different requirements and rates, but a common thread: Low pay. Four dollars per piece here, seven dollars there—at the top end were looooong articles worth $25 a pop, with a bonus if I did a certain amount.

I have no doubt this is steady work, paid on a regular basis. It’s just the kind of thing I wanted five years ago when I started in the industry. It’s honest, solid work but not exactly mind-expanding, not something that’s going to challenge me as a writer or as a person.

So here’s the question: Am I ‘too good’ for this kind of work? That’s a big ‘ol nope.

I’ll admit, I considered applying to one of the programs just to have another steady income source, but then got thinking about how a single article from one of my best clients pays the same as eight articles from this content site. I’ve improved my craft, developed a solid network and I’m fortunate enough to have connected with some really great companies. At the end of the day, though? I’m still a freelancer, and I follow the money.

For now, I’m leaving jobs like those mentioned above to the new guys and gals on the block while I try to woo larger companies that pay more per word or per piece. But truth be told? A rough month and I’d be in need of anything I could find—hard work and good luck gives me the luxury of being able to choose, but that may not always be the case.

Bottom line is I’m grateful for what I’ve earned, but I’m not kidding myself about stability. I’m only as good as the next piece I write.



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